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"Listen, the next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas".

Bill Hicks


Facing a collapsing system: Let’s r-evolt. The idea that the system has collapsed is beginning to be accepted by the mainstream. Even the BBVA (1) Foundation has just acknowledged that the economy is not going to see substantial change until at least 2023. So we have a self-fulfilling prophecy: with half the population jobless or earning less than 800 Euros/month, the state cannot receive more taxes. The prophecy that says we will have dwindling public health, education and social services will be fulfilled. Unless we stop being spectators of our own story.

We tend to associate the word ‘revolution’ with necessary change + violence (The French revolution) or necessary change + repression (Cuba), but etymologically speaking, ‘revolution’ comes from the Latin ‘evoutio ’ ”to open, or read a document” Put simply, this means to re-discover something that already existed. It is interesting to think that it has nothing to do with doing something new, but with something original. As Gaudi says “original is to return to the origin”, and he tells us to “do something unexpected, creative; a revolutionary idea or design”

REVOLUTION: The prefix ‘re’ means to return, to repeat, to come back. Therefore ‘revolution’ can be understood as ‘to evolve again’, ‘to mutate’, ‘to go further’...


One of the consequences of learning a new language is to discover that some foreign words seem to better express a specific concept (‘glamour’, ‘tempo’…) Also, sometimes we can re-discover a word inside another word. ‘Revolution’ contains EVOL, or LOVE nestled inside it, and it’s only visible from the perspective of a new angle. A revolution that contains implicit LOVE is a possibility worth working towards.



Therefore let’s start the R-Evolution. Let’s meditate on what we are, where we come from, why and where are we going - all together on a ship called Gaia, with love, compassion and mutual help, but also with determination to revert injustice. Never in the history of mankind have we had so much knowledge and perspective. We can, and must, redefine the political, social economic and ethical models. Meanwhile we continue to sail through the fog, slowly learning that the clouds are being generated by part of the crew. We sail closer to the rocks, but also to the beach where we want to land.

T-shirt: Youth without future, without house, without job, without pension...without fear...


1974 The carnation revolution, Portugal
2008: Citizens; revolution, Iceland
2012: The 15M movement, Puerta del Sol, Madrid
2012: Occupy Wall Street, New York
2013: Anti-eviction demonstration, Palma, Mallorca
2014: El Gamonal, Burgos / Marea Blanca contra la privatización de la sanidad, Madrid
2019: Extintion Rebellion, Fridays for Future
2020: Coronavirus. Redesigning from scratch.