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Stonefoundation 2007
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INTERNATIONAL STONEWORK SYMPOSIUM 2007 was the first such gathering to take place outside the United States. Artifex Balear and the Island of Mallorca was honoured to host this significant event and extend a welcome to Stone Foundation members, and members-to-be, coming from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England. This stone-obsessed group was joined by equally stone-obsessed enthusiasts coming from different european countries.

High resolution I (900 x 675)

High resolution II (2000 x 1500)



Some atendees working at a ramp.

Finishing the stone ramp, a different design for many atendees.
Recovered free standing wall with crowning.
Recovered round "marge", after installing the crowning.

The event was conducted in English (translation services English-Spanish).

More nformation about the event

Link to The Stonefoundation Society web :


Miguel Ramis, Stonemason,
Director of Artifex Balear



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