I express myself in sculpture since I am not a poet.

Aristide Maillol.Sculptor.

Classical sculpture summarises hundreds of years of knowledge in sculpture, anatomy and dramatic effects. A good replication of classical Greco-Roman models is the most suitable compliment to the formation of stone masons and conservators with an appropriate technical background. 


Roman sculpture

Our first big job: a real test. The replica of an iconic sculpture located in one of the popular Palma de Mallorca and busiest roads. In view of all the theoretical and white munto possible criticism.

In the long time between the destruction of the original and complex administrative resolution of the case finding the right stone in the quarry was added.Finally, months of painstaking carving. All local media were pending issue included a popular local TV presenter, who stood, dressed in Roman one day a week to remind the City Council that the city hoped to recover "his Roman" ...

Finally, as always, once installed, everything is forgotten: the Roman stopped being news and starts being a silent witness to the city bustle again from its pedestal. Old and new at atime, only a discreet inscription "Artifexbalear me fecit.MMVII" betrays its newcomer status to the city.

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Miquel Ramis


In Artifex have a special fondness for the Gothic. A single period in which the social consideration enjoyed stonemason, geographical mobility and freedom to decide expressive stylistic approach to each custom developer. As a result of this unique combination of circumstances (the likes creativity, inherited from the Romanesque and fit the set designed by the foreman, masons "free lance" in the context of technical rigor and professional pride ...) is the Gothic the most daring architectural style, a display of balance and knowledge resulting in space and light.

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The size of letters, of great tradition in the Anglo world, is another pending subject in our country. Signs, plaques, coats of arms, tombstones are the finished product. But before cutting the stone with the chisel must have done their homework: design, layout, typography, art history. 

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Pebble mosaics are a constructive action which reached a high level of sophistication in the past. During the course students are taught the various possibilities offered by this technique forgotten.

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The mosaic tiles (opus tesselae) are the classical Roman mosaics made with parallelepipeds of different colored marbles.

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