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Would you like to build your own house, grow your own food or make your tools?

In Artifex we work and teach by projects: skills, knowledge, logistics and synergies. Learning at your own pace increase your confidence and ambition with our FABLAB methodology. Combining theory and practice and looking for "inspiration while working". Our work areas are:


Build with local materials and resources. Stone, lime mortars, earth, vegetable fibers and wood. Looking for passive climatization and i landscape integration. Arches and vaults as an alternative to wooden beams. Stonework, stereotomy of stone, mosaics, floor slabs, architectural and sculptural carving.

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Regenerative agriculture goes beyond organic because it also aims to recover the natural fertility of the soil. We look for students with previous training in laboratory anaĺitics, training in environmental sciences, biology or Agronomic Engineering.

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Appropriate technology seeks to solve glocal problems with local materials and resources. Energy, Water, Housing and Food. There is another way to do things and here you will learn them.

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FABLAB methodology

At Artifex we think that the idea of ​​a manufacturing laboratory is excellent (gathering intelligent people with a vision) but we do not see much room to a scheme of acquisition of sophisticated machinery of rapid obsolescence. Therefore, we retain the basic idea (intelligent people + vision) but we eliminate high-tech in favor of our usual lowtech, that is, with an appropriate technology approach. The Artifex Fablab is a space for continuous training where local materials and resources are used to built, create and cultivate, and where recycling, holistic vision and lateral thinking merges with regenerative design.

General conditions

Motivation letter and interview. Once accepted, a real implication will be requested, dedicating adequate time to your objectives. The price is 50 euros / month and if you require accommodation +250 euros / month. The Fablab is a WORK space, where time is a scarce commodity, so it is important to effectively manage everyone's time.