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"Listen, the next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas".

Bill Hicks


The industrial age is coming to an end. The Anthropocene begins. The system begins to show cracks: when you see that the most advantaged students in the class (Germany, Japan) are having problems too, you should start to worry... And in an economy based on consumption, having half of the active population unemployed or with salaries of 800 euros, does not exactly facilitate that the economy rises.
The state's race to raise taxes has a foreseeable short run. With an economy on the decline, it is only a matter of time before health, education and social services budgets are affected.... unless we stop being expectators of our own history and reflect on 3 aspects:

1) We tend to associate the word 'revolution' with necessary change + violence, (French revolution) or with necessary change + repression (Cuba), but etymologically the word Revolution comes from the Latin evolutio, 'to open, read a document'. It simply means rediscovering something, returning to something that already existed.

Curious to think that it has nothing to do with doing something new, but with something original, in Gaudí's sense that "the original is to return to the origin" and also in that of "doing something unexpected, creative, an idea or a revolutionary design.
REVOLUTION: The prefix RE means to return, repeat, return, so Revolution can be understood as to evolve again, mutate in order to continue...


One of the consequences of learning a new language is to discover that some foreign words seem to better express a specific concept (‘glamour’, ‘tempo’…) Also, sometimes we can re-discover a word inside another word. ‘Revolution’ contains EVOL, or LOVE nestled inside it, and it’s only visible from the perspective of a new angle. A revolution that contains implicit LOVE is a possibility worth working towards.



3. Therefore, let's make the R-EVOLUTION, lets RE-DESIGN: Let's rethink what we are, where we come from, why we walk and where we are going to. All together. Never in the history of mankind have we had so much knowledge and perspective. We can and must redefine economic, political, social and ethical models.

We continue to navigate in transports that are too large, inadequate and obsolete, industrial age designs products of the linear economy, instead of using smaller and more agile transports that take us to the circular bio-economy and to rebalance the biocapacity of the planet. It is possible to reconcile society, environment and economy.

We get closer and closer to the rocks... but also to the beach where we want to land.


2020-21: Coronavirus: Opportunity to see how fragile our economy was, is.
2021: After having drastically lowered pollution and consumption levels, after having seen how the canals of Venice became transparent and dolphins came back, we return exactly to the pre-pandemic scenario.
We have learned nothing, and we seem determined not to changing course, even after seeing that another reality is possible.
2022: The pressure on the planet increases while scientists warn that we no longer have time. In the words of the writer Juan Rulfo, "either we save ourselves together, or we sink separately"... *

* extracted from the work "Mexico and the Mexicans", quoted by Miquel Angel Benito, Eti Centre.